Chairman’s Desk

Quality education is the need of the hour, it aims at overall development of the personality of an individual and prepare to cope with changing scenario of the 21st century. APC has been established with these objectives. It provides an atmosphere conducive to academic pursuits and multi dimensional growth of the student.

Ours is an institute with big difference, our basic aim is to produce capable, confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers and entrepreneurs with global business skills and the mettle to excel in any given situation . Hence every possible effort is being made by our meritorious and well chosen faculty to exhibit the hidden talent of students and crave them in accordance to the present global needs.

We also imbibe the spirit of work culture, which we are in possession of modern infrastructure viz computer centre, library, laboratories, workshops etc. which are well suited to the needs of the students.

(Ramneek Middha)
Chairman, Abhishek College,

Shri Krishna Educational Society